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Formed over ten years ago in Vancouver BC, The Dadolescents are musicians from varied and exotic musical backgrounds brought together by the great levelers of age, careers, and family responsibilities. When touring became impossible because of their failing middle-aged bodies, they gathered together to write songs about their shared experiences of mortgages, bad backs, Sunday BBQs, and receding hairlines. Punk/pop/rock for the immature adult.


The King of Chores


The Dads’ latest EP features the killer songs ‘King of Chores,” “Home by Ten,” “I Forget,” and “Middle-Class Wine-Drinking Party”! Buy it here or on any digital music service: The King of Chores

More of Me to Love


The Dads’ second album is available at CD Baby, iTunes, and all digital streaming music services. It features such timeless hits as “Back Injury,” “More of Me to Love,” and “Bad Ass Minivan.” Being middle aged never rocked this hard! Buy it here or on any digital music service: More of Me to Love 

Cool Like Me

CD cover
The Dadolescents’ first album, Cool Like Me, is available on iTunes and CDBaby. It features such mega-hits as “Soccer Mom From Outer Space,” “The Barbecue Song,” and “Middle-Aged Guys Gone Crazy.” Buy it here:  Cool Like Me

Contact us at dadolescents@gmail.com

Check out our Youtube channel: Dad videos!

Find our Electronic Press Kit here: dadolescents-epk

Buy Dadolescents’ merch at http://www.cafepress.com/dadolescents

Listen to the Dads playing “The Barbecue Song” live! (and listen to the crowd sing along)

Watch a video of the Dadolescents in performance LIVE! 

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